mui Cabin - a shelter to inspire a feeling of co-working 

What is Cabin?

Cabin is a refuge where people's feelings gatheracting as a sapce for co-creation that transcends time and space. In an environment where remote work has become the norm, and the boundary between home and office is blurring, how can members of the same organization connect with one another? In pursuit of this question, mui Lab and Wacom co-created the "Cabin", in which you can feel the presence of employees and their collective thoughts , enabled by the combination of mui Lab's Calm Technology platform and Wacom's Ink Technology.


How it works

Cabin, a triangular-shaped shack, is a device that displays thoughts, ideas, pictures and messages sent from all directions. Information appears as shimmering dot—like those of stars—flashing and reappearing when called upon. Messages can be sent to the cabin through the mui Board - a wooden smart home interface for accessing digital information and communicating online—which can be installed in the office or house and set up through the mui mobile app. Messages are displayed along the cabin windows and exterior walls of the cabin, turning into stars after some time has elapsed. Countless messages become stars and twinkle in the windows. Touching a star reproduces the message. If you touch more than one star, you will see more than one message. We do not know when, who, or where the messages were sent from, but we can encounter the thoughts and ideas of our colleagues beyond time and place. A message that appears on a moment's notice may perhaps lead to a new idea?

cabin LP2

Want to know Behind The Scenes?

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